Lead Generation Solutions - Through Strategic Online Marketing Programs: "I need leads!" Leads are of course what many businesses need to grow and to survive and more leads is the goal of all sales and marketing teams. Sales revenue is everything, and at most companies that means continuing to generate new and qualified leads. Purpose specialises in working with you to create the tools, strategies and concepts for generating sales leads, through integrated online marketing programs.

Because Purpose is a marketing driven company, we provide you with those vital preliminary concepts before we let the web design team, knowledge workers, technicians and computer code cutters get their hands on your product's image and business future. Before the technology we look to:

  • create spectacular tools and strategies for your customer relationship management
  • extend your existing business model and assist your awareness of relevant net marketing activities and opportunities
  • create reliable innovative web marketing solutions and processes
  • ensure the web experience offers a clear value proposition to your visitors, effectively building loyalty to your product and your brand
  • identify for your company potential on and off-line strategic alliances based on shared values
  • Define, develop and integrate your current real world, off-line promotions and branding so they add value and strengthen your online offering

To read articles, case studies and get free ideas & samples on e-Marketing and the great impact it could have on your business, visit our Resources section.

Don't Believe the Hype:

'Build it and they will come', is the mindset by many companies, sadly misinformed about how to achieve real web success. It is a fallacy and totally unrealistic, like having a new storefront on a backstreet somewhere and not outwardly trying to reach your market to bring them to the door. This train of thought continues to lead to the failure of many online businesses.

As with your traditional marketing, your internet marketing needs to be aggressive and innovative, constantly responding to environmental changes and the needs of your market. The advantage of the internet is, of course, that this is much easier, simpler and cost effective to do and can be much more successful and profitable if done professionally and is well planned.

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The internet is constantly changing and becoming better understood as to how it can be an integral part of daily business.

Many people still see the internet as very different and almost 'mysterious', but the fact is that the internet is not so different, as it still operates using the same business processes and methodology as the physical business world. The only difference is through using the internet, we can test more quickly and thoroughly than previously possible, and achieve success much more easily due to the low cost and personal reach of email. So promotion, new client acquisition, farming of current clients and advertising can become a very cost effective proposition through the use of eMarketing.

Most of our clients originally say to us "we have a web site, but don't get any value from it". Unfortunately many people's belief is that a web site is not useful for anything other than saying "I have a web site". We are all aware that every company needs a web site, but unfortunately the majority of companies seem to have no idea why, other than because everyone else around us has one!?

Poor return from your web site can mean 2 things. It is either a poorly designed web site that no one can use, or there is no traffic visiting, that is, being pushed toward your web site. Unless you are monitoring your web site traffic comprehensively, you will never know exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.

Why Use Purpose's Services:

Our clients ask;

  • How can my web site give me a return on my investment, instead of being just a cost?
  • How do I more effectively reach new potential clients in an efficient & cost effective way?
  • How do I increase sales from my current clients?
  • Telemarketing seems less effective, how can the internet help?
  • How do I build or get a database of potential clients to email to?
  • I am not a marketer, so where do I start and what do I do?
  • How can I get real use and make a profit from my web site?
  • How do I test my marketing and find out what is or isn't working?
  • How can I market my brand/company online more effectively?
  • How can I streamline processes to cut costs?
  • How do I leverage what I am already doing to get more from my current marketing efforts?
  • Communicate and connect with key customers?
  • How can I empower my sales organisation?
  • We offer personal service, so does automating sales online detract from the personal contact I have always offered?
  • Integrate my communications offline and online?
  • Increase customer service levels?

eMarketing is still the most underestimated, yet incredibly effective, online marketing tool! Use it in a planned and tested manner, and you will be amazed at how simply you can increase new client acquisitions and blow sales forecasts through the roof. eMarketing is simply an intelligent way to leverage your traditional marketing methods - working smarter, not harder.

Benefits and ways to Utilise e-Marketing:

  • Target new prospects
  • Build a database
  • Generate web traffic
  • Drive online sales
  • Promote new products and services
  • Communicate with clients
  • Establish brand awareness
  • Utilise accurate demographics
  • Increase Response Rates
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Strengthen and expand your client base
  • It has referral, or viral marketing, capabilities, which can augment your database dramatically.
  • Rich media can be a powerhouse for your campaigns
  • Email lets you test quickly and inexpensively
  • It is highly trackable
  • Bounces can be quickly identified and the problem corrected. Resending email is inexpensive and painless
  • Email provides quick lead generation
  • Email incurs no production, paper, or postage costs
  • It can be used alone or to complement other marketing or information dissemination strategies to reinforce message, product announcement , seminar dates, trade show information and so on
  • It can become an integral part of the relationships you have with customers and prospects
  • Email can be an adjunct to any other medium -- to name but a few
  • It can deliver valuable information in a timely manner.

Collaborating with Webease to utilise resources means you are not only taking advantage of our years of experience and knowledge, but of our cutting edge hardware and software solutions to create professional online marketing campaigns, using our software to save you hours in preparation and distribution time via bulk email programs and the like.

Marketers who turn to e-mail service bureaus with specialized expertise achieve purchase rates four times higher than marketers who keep all their e-mail operations in-house.

A Quris survey released in America on October 14 2002...

... determines that 67% of consumers say they like the companies that they think do a good job with permission e-mail marketing.

According to the Quris survey of US e-mail users, 67% say they like the companies they know of that, in their opinion, do a good job with permission e-mail marketing. Additionally, 58% say they open those companies' e-mails and 53% say their personal buying decisions are affected by those companies' e-mail.

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