Instructions to help you install and use your new Purpose eStationery.

Installing Stationery in:
Trouble shooting with:

Please note: Although most email programs will successfully receive HTML messages, some recipients may either intentionally or unknowingly, change their individual settings rendering their computer unable to accept our eStationery. If so, you can ask them to change their settings, or unfortunately you may need to accept that as the majority of people will see your great new stationery, a very small section may not, although all efforts have been made.

Purpose eStationery is made for use with Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express. It may be used with other email software, but this is not supported by us.

We can not guarantee all people will see your stationery as you do, as this can in some cases rely on the recipients computer settings. Our eStationery and instructions are based on the most common email programs and the most widely accepted settings. Purpose eStationery is mostly designed to work with PC Microsoft products.

Macintosh users can receive these emails fine, but unfortunately can not use the Purpose eStationery system to send such emails.

Netscape and Lotus Notes users are fortunately a small minority in business, and they can not receive or use this system.

Please help us to offer the best service possible!

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